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Welcome To Last Day Services Store
I am Sudhakar Kamalla.
Iam sudhakar kamlla Itís a website this works for people difficulty time,if someone passedaway from us,we dont know where to find everything which related to that time,so we are seeking help from every one,its happening everywhere and every religion mostly in metro cities its very difficulty to find, so I gathered every information related this,so please call me and use this services,now its available in Hyderabad,in future here iam looking for open this services to every metro city. Now in Hyderabad we attend you within 2hrs.


» Flowers, Pot, Dry grass, Sticks, Pot and drum players etc
» Freezer boxes
» Mobile body freezer a/c and non a/c
» Wood boxes
» Coffin boxes
Dispatching human remains (deadbody) with freezer boxes by air and road to their native    placess
» Priest and paster availability
» Local cremation
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Mobile No: +91 8886038603, 7207010300
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